2 Weeks in with the Macbook Pro

So after 2 weeks of using the MacBook Pro,  I have not needed to go back to Windows the only thing I needed was to install Excel as Numbers was not feature rich enough.

Using the MacBook Pro is a joy and the hardware is fantastic. I dont really have anything to complain about. If you try to use it like a Windows PC you will not enjoy it but if you accept the workflow of the Mac and adapt to its way you will be happy. The same apply’s to Mac users going to Windows.

The workflow is much more focused per screen than compared to what windows users expect and may find the focus limiting/ frustrating coming from Windows.

Spark Mail – is amazing and has allowed me to deal with email much more effectively instead of hating dealing with outlook everyday. I would say that Spark Mail – is worth getting the mac for  that alone.

Sofar I really love the Mac but I still have a place in my life for a Windows Machine too – just make sense that it is fairly recent has the manufacturer is still producing updated drivers for.

If you would like to get in touch or have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in contact. Or take a look at my first day with a MacBook Pro