Over a period of time you will collect many passwords and accounts inside google chrome if you use chrome to manage your passwords. At some point you may wish to remove all these passwords or atleast clean up a large number of them. Dealing with them inside chrome or passwords.google.com can be a longwinded pain if you want to 50+ passwords.

It may not be obvious but you can bulk manage passwords in chrome /google quickly and easily at-least you can at the time of writing using chrome 78.

Right so before we get started we should make sure that we will be able to re-import the passwords back into chrome once we are done.

1) go to chrome://flags and search for ‘import’ and then make ‘Password import ‘ set to enabled. )

2) You will now get a prompt to relaunch google chrome, relaunch

3) Now make your way back to chrome://settings/passwords and you will now see the option to import where export once was. If you want to check import works first, do this now.

Bulk Managing passwords into Chrome

1) Go to : chrome://settings/passwords

2) Hit export and chrome will generate CSV with your passwords from Chrome (keep this somewhere safe as you will want it later). 

3) Now go to : chrome://settings/clearBrowserData?search=clear

4) Now select ‘Clear date’ to remove all passwords, from chrome and google. 

5) Go to https://passwords.google.com/ to check all passwords are gone

6) Now go back to : chrome://settings/passwords

7) Go to the three dots and hit it to show the import option. Now you need to edit your export file with just the passwords you want so that you can now reimport just the files you want.

8) Dont forget to clean up your old password exports you exported from chrome. And we are now all done.