So this week we have been celebrating just a bit, we just released a brand new service called its a developer tool that allows the developer to debug their environment whether that is production or local. No matter what your skill it gives you ‘nerd vision’ get it, yeah cool right ?! is a freemium tool and in its initial release all features are free we are super pumped to get it out to the developer communities – to kick things off we are supporting python and java, with node, php and many other languages coming soon.  Want a feature that you do not see submit it here: and get your friends to vote for it.

Anyway, as the title suggests this is about doing things right, so in the past with past products we have continued to use ‘older’ style products which are enterprise grade mainly due to what was available at the time and a lack of need for change in the underlying systems.  

Digital River for Ecommerce
SalesForce for CRM

Linking this we had a number of custom built apps to bridge the gap between the two taking care of order management, customer communication, etc etc everything else that we needed to run the business and support the BU teams.

We then eventually evolved the existing platform to leverage more purpose built tools for more granular, controlled communication including FrontApp, Mailchimp, Mandrill and Intercom Aircall. This allowed us to shutdown internal apps, to be honest FrontApp increased our capability massively its something today we take for granted!  
These tools also played nicely with our private mail server which at the point we were at we had not migrated to Gusite. Migrating to these apps gave us a more reliable, cheaper system that also gave us more functionality

Migrating to Gsuite has given us alot more flexibility and tool offerings (Probably because most tools do not want to deal with the mail storage on a low cost SaaS model.
These tools are pretty universal and play nicely with SalesForce, probably the biggest problem is they play nicely with SalesForce. SalesForce is a fantastic flexible platform but for us its simply a bit too big and requires too much customisation to take advantage of its capabilities.
These tools worked well but with the setup we had we were not designed for massive rapid growth.

What we wanted was a simple scalable ecosystem.
So with the release of we built it to be scalable massively scalable, the supporting app infrastructure has been designed  to fit into the Freshworks ecosystem. FreshSales for CRM, FreshMarketer for email communication, FreshDesk for help desk support (we have used for many years with our other products as it was simple and worked well out of the box). We see that with their customer 360 initiative that we will also be reaping

This time for billing we have chosen to use Stripe, due to its dominance in the industry and flexibility for developers and its ability for us to integrate it into FreshWorks – BTW native integrations have been promised for 2019.

So expect the next couple of months will be a big learning curve for us to see how things will pan out for us with this new setup.