About this time last year there was a theft at my house. This can be disturbing and unsettling for many of us! So I decided that I needed some surveillance with the one caveat that I did not want to pay for a subscription. The Netatmo Presence seemed to fit the bill with its built in SD card storage and integration to and FTP server or dropbox. Over the last 12 months the Presence has got better and better with every software update.

Beyond that I wanted a camera to keep an eye on my dog while I am not at home, I looked and looked and could not really find a suitable solution without a subscription apart from the Netatmo Welcome. Aesthetically the Welcome was not ideal as it was gold and not as subtle as I would have liked – but Functionally its perfect! in reality the gold is closer to silver than the pictures would lead you to believe at about 200 euro some may feel it is a little expensive but remember that there are no subscription fees so compared to a Nest camera within a year its paid for it self. The Welcome is not really designed to keep an eye on a room it is more intended for apartments where the presence is unsuitable. Trained on the front-door so it does not intrude with the rest of your life.

After this I wanted to know the indoor and outdoor weather situation at my house – enter the Netatmo Weather station more out of curiosity than a real need for one. The interesting feature of this is that it allows you to also know the indoor climate so you can realise if the Co2 in a room is too high for example. Having this in the office is ideal as as you can ensure a healthy work environment.

I liked the Netatmo weather station I was intrigued with how the healthy home coach would perform – I found an offer on ebay and thought it would be worth a try. In the bedroom having something a little simpler was probably more suitable also it was a light pink so the girlfriend would be happy.

Its good but in hindsight it is probably better having an additional indoor module for the weather station over the healthy home coach – especially considering its only the weather station that has connectivity to IFTTT