So lately I have seem a couple of posts online about the chromecast is dead etc, I have had a chromecast a couple of years now, one in each room. I have never really used it that much apart from when I have not been able to access the content on a FireTV. Always favouring the FireTV with Remote, this would confirm what I have been reading lately online. But the fact is they are wrong everybody is using the chromecast wrong!


About 2 months ago I got a google home, and thought it was cool how you could use it to turn the tv on and play netflix or youtube content.


But now I almost solely use the Chromecast instead of the FireTV or my Android TV box. It makes things so easy. Play, Pause, Rewind choose a specific content.  I think I have only used the FireTV to watch the Grand Tour.


What is Missing from the Chromecast?


For me there is a limited selection of apps that allow voice control, If they brought this out for Iplayer and PrimeVideo I would only be using the Chromecast.


A TV guide to show you wants on on the TV would be nice something like ‘Show me top comedies on netflix’ then you can page through or ‘ Show me films with Tom Hanks’ etc etc this is something that the Amazon echo and FireTV have right for now inside their apps but for Netflix it is or was last time I check was missing.